Investment Strategy

Our focus is on companies with sustainable revenues, established customer base, and a significant growth potential. We specialize in maritime logistics investments. We listen to our customers/ shareholders and apply this focus as well on other industrial sectors and real estate.


Our financial expertise allows us to be flexible in investment structure, type and size.


Our in-house resources and network partners allow us to determine areas to invest for growth and launch marketing and business initiatives.


SeaLux Naval Assets AG is a Financial Holding: The vehicle of SeaLux is a SOPARFI (Société de Participations Financières) for holding shares of local and foreign companies, participations or other businesses. The SOPARFI can also provide services or obtain a business license like any other commercial company. It is a non-regulated entity.


On June 10th 2015, SeaLux Naval Assets AG ("SeaLux") was incorporated in form of an "Aktiengesellschaft (AG)" = "société anonyme" in Luxembourg.bThe company is a fully taxable resident in Luxembourg.

Investment Vehicles

SeaLux may in particular acquire by subscription, purchase, and exchange or in any other way any stock, shares and other securities, bonds, debentures, certificates of deposit and other debt instruments and more generally any securities and financial instruments issued by any public or private entity whatsoever. It may participate in the creation, development, management and control of any company or enterprise.


Successful Investments

Since 2015 SeaLux is invested via a mezzanine structure in a Germany based market leader in the cement logistics industry. The invested funds secure the growth of this well positioned company. The investment target is characterized by a strong financial position with sustainable profitability, intense cash flow generation and a stable financial leverage ratio which is underlined by a growing consolidated revenue. The target company has an exceptional market position in a lucrative niche market that offers a high degree of protection from the volatility in the standard shipping markets.